Selection of Cool Skins for Kodi

Are you still stuck on the same old default Confluence skin for ? There are tons of very nice skins out there that give you even more flexibility and make your Kodi experience look nicer.

Kodi is all about choice and freedom and there’s nothing holding you back from entirely changing the look of your Kodi setup to suit your needs, based on what appeals to you the most. Despite the fact that most users stick with the default Confluence skin, there are actually over a dozen great skins for you to choose from. We’re now going to briefly introduce you to some of the most popular skins for Kodi.

Installation Instructions: You can easily switch skins by following our Change Skins guide at your convenience.

I’ve personally been using Aeon Nox for a long time and I’ve loved it. But, I wonder… is it time for me to start trying out some other skins?

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